The Warmest Wool Duvets (Qiviut, Alpaca and Camel Wool)

To find the warmest duvet, we need to determine the warmest duvet filling material.

In terms of heat retention and the ability to be used as filling, these are the warmest fibers by weight:

  • Qiviut [Musk Ox Wool]
  • Yak Wool
  • Alpaca Wool
  • Camel Wool
  • Sheep’s Wool

For more details, see my article explaining why these wools are ultrawarm.

After testing duvets filled with Camel, Alpaca, and Merino wool, I found that Camel wool is indeed the warmest inside a comforter.

All of these wools contain no lanolin so they are hypoallergenic and odorless.

They have good moisture “wicking” properties. This means that moisture is absorbed by the fiber. This keeps sweat away from being released to the outside of the duvet.

This is the duvet I found to be the warmest:

Warmest Practical Choice

The 100% Camel Wool Duvet by Healthline — $229 for King Size. This comforter/duvet is “extra weight” (450 g/m2 – grams per square meter). Camel wool is a light and warm fiber.

Another good choice is the Premium Australian Washable Wool Duvet by Down Under Bedding – a four-season blanket that is filled with washable wool – King Size, Medium Weight – $249.

The absolute warmest duvet on the market is the Qiviut duvet:

Warmest Duvet Available

100% Qiviut Duvet – $4049 for King Size. Qiviut (musk ox wool) is the warmest and lightest wool in the world.

Alpaca Duvet

This Alpaca duvet I have tested and it is also very warm:

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