Where To Find The Elusive 100% Yak Wool Blanket

Yak wool makes an optimal travel blanket. Yak down is very light, warm and soft. It is more durable than cashmere. However, it’s rare to find a blanket made with 100% yak wool. Typically, you must look in stores that specialize in luxury fiber goods.

Here is a list of what’s available online:

100% Yak Safari Blanket by Khunu (UK)

100% Yak Wool Blanket by Khunu (UK) — 190cm x 120cm — 780 grams — $426

Khunu is a reliable yak wool brand — their travel blankets are very soft.

60% Yak Wool Blanket by Cashmere Boutique (Amazon)

Yak Wool Blanket by Cashmere Boutique — 178cm by 120cm — 60% and 40% camel wool — $200

This blanket is available on Amazon — it is 60% yak and 40% camel wool. In my tests this blanket was warm and reasonably soft. I don’t love the tassels, but I can overlook them in this case.

Thick 100% Yak Wool Blanket by Mongolia Shop

100% Yak Down Blanket by Mongolia Shop — 200cm x 150cm — weighs 1.8 kg or 3.9 lbs — $277

I haven’t tested this blanket — it seems like it ships from Mongolia.

100% Eco Yak Down Blanket Travel Throw by Handcombed (UK)

Handcombed has a good selection of Yak Wool blanket including this inexpensive 100% yak wool travel throw — 170cm by 140cm — $278

100% Yak Wool Throw by Art Himalaya (USA)

100% Yak Wool Throw by Art Himalaya (USA) — 150cm by 130cm — $150

This is an inexpensive but thin yak down blanket.

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