The Best Qiviut Clothing & Blankets of 2019

Musk Ox - Qiviut

Qiviut (pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”) is the name for the downy hair of the musk ox. It is the warmest fiber in the world — about eight times as warm as sheep’s wool.

Musk oxen live in Alaska and Canada where temperatures sometimes drop to –100ºF (-73ºC), so they need protection. The Inuktitut name for the musk ox is “umingmak” meaning the “bearded one”.

Qiviut is an ultralight fiber and very soft fiber too. However, there is limited amount of Qivit produced every year, so it’s expensive.

Less Expensive Alternative: Yak Wool

Yak wool is a more affordable alternative to Qiviut. Check out my list of Yak Wool clothes.

In Alaska, qiviut is obtained from farmed animals or gathered from the wild during the molt. Unlike sheep, the musk ox are not sheared.

A Musk Ox or Umingmak

I’ve been testing Qiviut scarfs — and they are superlatively warm. Qiviut’s combination of intense warmth and ultralight hand is unique.

Qiviut Blankets

Qiviut Jackets

Qiviut Shirts

Qiviut Sweaters

  • Update: I’ve found a large range of sweaters at Qiviuk — prices range from $1300 to $2600
  • 100% Qiviut Sweater by MountainMasche — $1089

Qiviut Gloves

Qiviut Scarves / Stoles

Qiviut Beanies

Qiviut Socks

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