The Softest Men’s Wool Sweatpants

I’ve been testing wool clothing in my lab for about ten years. I’ve tested almost all the major brands of merino wool sweatpants. These are the softest ones I’ve found:

100% Merino Wool Warm Up Sweatpant by Woolly

Woolly just introduced this new sweatpant called a “Pro-Knit Warm Up Sweatpant“.

The “pro-knit” fabric is an 18 micron merino that is “woven into a compact interlock structure”. The result is a very soft and lightweight wool pant that also seems quite strong.

The wool used is 18.5μ merino (grade: very fine). The fabric weighs 250 g/m2.

95% Merino Wool Sweatpants by Woolly

95% Merino Sweatpants by Woolly

The 95% Merino Wool Sweatpants is another very soft sweatpant from Woolly.

These pants are thicker than the “Warm Up” pant above — fabric weight is 320 g/m2 and the knit is different (but soft).

The wool itself is the same fineness — it’s 18.5μ merino wool from Australia. It also contains 5% elastane.

Icebreaker 97% Merino Shifter Pants

Icebreaker Shifter Pants

Icebreaker makes these Shifter Sweatpants, which are also very soft.

These pants are made with 98% Merino Wool, 2% Lycra. The merino is 260 g/m2 (mid-weight).

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