The Softest Men’s Wool Sweatpants

Because I’ve been testing wool products for about ten years, I’ve tried many brands of merino wool pants. These are the software ones I’ve found:

100% Merino Wool Warm Up Sweatpant by Woolly

Warm Up Sweatpant by Woolly

Woolly just introduced this new sweatpant called a “Pro-Knit Warm Up Sweatpant“.

The “pro-knit” fabric is an 18 micron merino that is ” woven into a compact interlock structure”. The result is a very soft and lightweight wool pant that also seems quite strong.

The wool used is 18.5μ merino (grade: very fine). The fabric weighs 250 g/m2.

95% Merino Wool Sweatpant by Woolly

95% Merino Sweatpants by Woolly

The 95% Merino Wool Sweatpants is another very soft sweatpant from Woolly.

These pants are thicker than the “Warm Up” pant above — fabric weight is 320 g/m2 and the knit is different (but soft).

The wool itself is the same fineness — it’s 18.5μ merino wool from Australia. It also contains 5% elastane.

Icebreaker Shifter Pants

Icebreaker Shifter Pants

Icebreaker makes these “Shifter” sweatpants, which are also very soft.

These pants are made with 98% Merino Wool, 2% Lycra. The merino is 260 g/m2 (mid-weight).

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