The Warmest Men’s Wool Sweaters For 2020 (Yak, Alpaca, Merino and Cashmere)

Note On Wool Content

I only feature sweaters with more than 50% ultrawarm wool content in this list.

These are the warmest men’s sweaters I’ve found:

Yak Wool Sweaters

Yak is the best ultrawarm fiber for sweaters. If your budget allows, choose yak over merino wool.

Yak Wool Sweaters

Merino Wool Sweaters

Merino wool is warmer and lighter than other sheep wool. When the size of the fibers is 19 microns or less, it is very fine and soft.

Camel Wool Sweaters

Alpaca Wool Sweaters

Cashmere Sweaters

Qiviut Sweaters

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