The Warmest Socks Of 2018

by Justin Thomas •

If you are prone to getting cold feet in the winter, you’ll appreciate the warmth of a sock made with premium wool. If you venture outdoors, the extra warmth will allow you to be comfortable even while hiking in the snow.

The warmest wools are: qiviut (musk ox down), yak wool and bison wool. Some other warm fibers include merino and alpaca wool. See my previous article for a closer examination of these wools.

Listed below are the warmest socks I’ve tested:

The Warmest Ultralight Sock: Bison and Silk Crew Sock by Fox River

Bison and Silk Socks

Fiber content: 36% bison wool, 36% silk, 26% nylon, 2% spandex

Price: $43

Made in: Osage, Iowa by Fox River Socks

These Bison and Silk Blend Socks by Fox River are one of my favorites. They are great socks to wear indoors. The combination of lightness, warmth and softness sets these socks apart.

The Warmest Boot Sock: Bison and Yak Blend Boot Sock

Yak Wool Ultimate Book Sock

Fiber content: 28% bison wool, 28% yak wool, 27% nylon, 14% silicon polyester, 3% lycra spandex

Price: $35 (with $20 on-page discount)

Made in: Northfield, Vermont by Cabot Hosiery

The Bison and Yak Blend Sock uses full terry loop knitting to bind in the warmth. This sock has nylon over-plaiting for abrasion resistance.

The Warmest Crew Sock: Khunu Yak Wool Sock

Khunu Yak Wool Sock

Fiber content: 85% yak wool and 15% nylon

Price: £22 ($26 USD)

Made in: England using wool from Tibet

The Khunu Yak Wool Boot Sock is a very warm casual sock made with 85% yak wool. Developed by Khunu in collaboration with one of the UK’s oldest independent sock manufacturers.

The Warmest Thick Sock: Alpaca Extreme Sock

Alpaca Extreme Socks

Fiber content: 74% Alpaca 24% Nylon 2% Elastic

Price: $35

Made in: USA by a “100 year old hosiery company in Pennsylvania”.

These Alpaca Extreme Socks are very, very thick terry-knit socks. They are also very warm.

An Exceptionally Warm Sock: Qiviut and Merino Socks

Warmest Sock: 35% Qiviut Socks

Fiber content: 35% qiviut, 40% merino wool, 15% bamboo, 10% nylon

Price: $95 CAD ($70 USD)

Made in: Canada using Alaskan Qiviut

These 35% Qiviut Blend Socks are exceptionally soft and warm — even softer than the Bison and Silk Blend Socks I mentioned previously. Qiviut is the warmest fiber in the world. If you can afford them, I highly recommend.

A Yak Wool Socks on eBay

I’ve also tested these yak wool socks that are made in Mongolia. They are sold by various vendors on eBay $15. These are good socks and they are quite warm, but the wool is not as fine as some of the socks listed above.

The Russian yak wool socks on eBay are of reasonable quality but they are a bit thinner and not as warm as the Mongolian ones.

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