A List Of Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping Paper Available On Amazon

Wrapping paper and gift bags alone account for nearly 4 million tons of trash every year, glossy costings are plastic laminates which can not be recycled.

Here are some eco-friendly gift wraps available on Amazon:

Hallmark Sustainable Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Sustainable Wrapping Paper — this paper is made in USA using paper from well-managed forests in Europe.

Rusepepa Holiday Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

Ruspep Kraft Paper Gift Wrap — made with 80 gsm kraft paper — kraft paper can be recycled.

Elcoho Kraft Wrapping Paper

Elcoho Wrapping Paper — made with 120 gsm kraft paper — kraft paper can be recycled.

Wrappity Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Wrappily Reversible Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper — printed on recycled newspaper.

Kathmandu Tree-Free Handmade Wrapping Paper

Kathmandu Valley Co. Wrapping Paper — handmade in Indian with sustainable lokta paper

Sustainable Greetings Wrapping Paper

Sustainable Greetings Wrapping Paper — 100 gsm papers are made from high quality cotton and jute.

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